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Facebook Press Release

Anti-Violence Initiatives Launches Facebook Page

February 21, 2001

Ewing, N.J. – Anti-Violence Initiatives at The College of New Jersey launched its new Facebook page in order to reach out to students by using the power of social networking.

The Facebook page entitled “TCNJ For The Prevention of Domestic Violence, Stalking, and Sexual Assault” unites the campus around a common cause through the promotion of a safer and more responsible campus environment.  The Office of Anti-Violence Initiatives follows in the footsteps of many other organizations on campus who have chosen to utilize social networking.  Other TCNJ groups that currently use Facebook include College Union Board, Student Government Association, and dining services.

Anti-Violence Initiatives will use the Facebook group to engage students and alert them of upcoming events.

Anti-Violence Initiatives, established in 2004 at The College of New Jersey and run by Robbin Loonan, is an on-campus resource for a number of issues including those pertaining to stalking, domestic violence, and sexual violence.  Students can find Anti-Violence Initatives in suite 307 in Holman Hall.